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12 Top Remodeling Trends for 2011

Vero Beach, FL, Nov. 3, 2011-- At Croom Construction Company and Whitehall Professional Property Management, we are often approached by clients asking us about the latest trends for remodeling their custom, luxury home or a larger commercial property. We thought we would share some of the trends that were predicted to be favorites among builders, managers, and homeowners for this year. You can find the more detailed article on CBS MoneyWatch.com.

Below you will find that we briefly recapped the trends predictions for home remodeling in 2011. After reviewing these, please share with us if you engaged in any of these projects or another type of home remodeling project on our Facebook page. We welcome the feedback.

12 Top Remodeling Trends for 2011

1. Save Money: Remodel your bathroom

2. Must-Do remodeling projects (People will continue to only complete the projects that need to be done, like repairs to siding or roof leaks.)

3. Warming up the house (Warmer tiles and colors are coming back.)

4. Getting decked out (see our article in Outdoor Living)

5. Hiring a great contractor to do the work (Clients are savvier than ever, and are doing their homework before selecting professionals to do their home building and renovation projects. We would agree with that approach!)

6. Paying in cash (Instead of taking out loans for home renovation projects.)

7. Opening up rooms (Open floor plans remain popular.)

8. The bronze age (To go along with those warmer tones mentioned in #3, homes are also going warmer with metallic features)

9. Going green (Energy efficiency upgrades and green building products)

10. Industrial flair (Exposed beams will continue to be popular.)

11. Creating a relaxation space

12. Planning ahead (More homeowners are planning for their retirement years.)