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Luxury Homes and Remodeling

Vero Beach, FL, Nov. 3, 2011--At Croom Construction Company and Whitehall Professional Property Management, we understand the care and devotion that goes into crafting a luxury home to make it uniquely yours. Whether you’re a full-time or seasonal resident here in Vero Beach or the greater Treasure Coast, caring for your home requires due diligence on your part in finding the right professionals you can trust and rely on to build, maintain, or remodel your high-end home.

Croom Construction Company has been building and remodeling luxury homes in Vero Beach and the Treasure for over 30 years, and our partners at Whitehall Professional Property Management have been maintaining, repairing, and managing residential properties and luxury homes for over 11 years. Our mission is and has always been to provide you with the utmost attention to detail, precision and professional experience your home deserves. And our reputation and commitment to our fellow residents in the seaside community that we call home speaks for itself.

So whether you’re considering building your own private getaway along the Treasure Coast, or simply looking to remodel your existing home for you and your family, feel free to contact Croom Construction Company. We look forward to hearing from you.