Residential, Commercial, New Construction and Renovations
Quality construction, exemplary personal service, and a truly remarkable track record are the hallmarks of Croom Construction Company. The company has assembled the finest construction and management team at its Indian River County headquarters, resulting in more than 500 estate homes built in celebrated communities like John’s Island, Windsor, Orchid Island, The Moorings, and Sailfish Point. Croom Construction Company also has a stellar reputation for major residential renovations and commercial projects. With well-established working relationships with the best design professionals, Croom Construction enjoys accepting challenges from its clients, helping them realize their unique vision of a perfect home.

Property management, repairs and maintenance
Whitehall Professional Property Management (founded as Whitehall Professional Home Maintenance in 1997) is a leader in maintaining coastal homes. With a team of skilled technicians who are trained to detect potential problems, Whitehall has earned respect for saving many homeowners from costly repairs. With the addition of property management services, Whitehall has become the go-to ally of homeowners interested in protecting their investment while having peace of mind that everything concerning their home is taken care of.

Perfection in painting
Croom’s Precision Painting & Waterproofing division was also established in 1997, and has earned an enviable reputation for quality and timely work. Croom Construction clients usually interface with Precision Painting & Waterproofing as one of the last steps in their home’s completion, but come back often for painting updates over the years because they have been so happy with the service. Precision also does all major painting jobs after repairs carried out by Whitehall Professional Property Management.