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Severe storms are never a welcomed visitor, but they are a fact of life when you live on the east coast. Over the years Croom Construction Company, our clients and Vero Beach have experienced their share of hurricanes and other severe storms. Proper preparation is the key to weathering these storms with as little damage as possible. We have a solid storm preparedness plan that has proved extremely successful, including:

  • Direct coordination and communication plan with local emergency service providers, including the Vero Beach Police Department and Indian River County Sheriff's Office so proper approvals can be provided at designated check points
  • Direct communication with all private gated communities in which we have projects so post-storm access is immediately available as required
  • Emergency procedures to safeguard our computer servers and hard drives as well as alternative banking arrangements in case of sustained power loss
  • Securing of all jobsites and company materials pre-storm from Day 6 through Day 3 of projected landfall, allowing ample time to Day 1 for evacuation and employees' personal planning
  • Designation of our teams' post hurricane meeting place
  • Inventory and updating of Croom's hurricane material boxes and generators prior to each July to ensure all required items are in place, replinished and serviceable
  • Online, password-protected bulletin board that is accessible to employees as an additional means of communication pre- and post-storm
  • Direct communication with our affiliate, Whitehall Professional Property Management, who also has an excellent emergency preparedness plan pre- and post-storm for our property management clients

Many of our clients are out of residence during storm season and are understandably anxious when storms are approaching. Croom Construction Company and Whitehall's severe weather preparedness program and excellent communication standards with our clients help take the edge of the worry.