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Severe storms are never a welcomed visitor, but they are a fact of life when you live on Florida’s east coast. Over the years, Croom Construction Company, our clients, and Indian River County have experienced their share of hurricanes and other severe storms. Proper preparation is the key to weathering these storms with as little damage as possible. Learn more about how we prepare.

A smaller contractor simply cannot spend the time or be as comprehensive with estimating as we are; therefore their prices are not as competitive. Our full-time estimating staff has perfected the science of preparing bids. Our estimates are sharper, hence very competitive. We eliminate surprises. And because we are one of the largest contractors in the area, we have better negotiating power for the best pricing for sub-contractors and other suppliers, a value we pass on to our customers.

Croom offers most services in-house: job site supervision, framing carpentry, trim carpentry, and painting. Where we use subcontracted services, we deal with only the most professional suppliers, many of whom have been working with us since our inception more than 45 years ago.

First, some definitions. A cost-plus contract covers all costs associated with the project plus a contractor’s fee to cover overhead and profit. A lump-sum fixed contract is a single bottom line price clients can budget for. Croom works on both contract formats, but because our estimating is so detailed and accurate, we prefer lump-sum fixed contracts where we take the burden of risk on cost overruns. Beware of cost-plus contracts with less experienced contractors. They seldom have the expertise to stay within budget and schedule accurately.

As a growing part of our business, we opened a renovations division back in 1992. This allowed us to conduct renovations with dedicated staff who love this fast-paced work, adapt quickly to changes that arise and understand the importance of protecting existing structures. We are known for our ability to deliver a weekly progress report to clients, keeping them fully informed.

Daily onsite supervision by one of our highly experienced superintendents is a given. On-site superintendents are backed by project managers who are responsible for scheduling, contract administration, subcontractor and supplier negotiations.

Croom is accustomed to sourcing eco-friendly materials including man-made solid surface countertops, reclaimed wood flooring, MDF and LDF doors made from wood fibers in lieu of old-growth trees, and Icynene© spray foam insulation. Green system choices include high-efficiency pumps and salt-based purifier systems for pools and energy-efficient windows, doors, lighting, appliances, and mechanical systems.

No, insurance is our responsibility. We are fully covered by builder’s risk, windstorm, general liability and workers’ compensation policies.