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James Choquet

Senior VP, Precision Painting & Waterproofing

James, originally from Providence, R.I., moved to Vero Beach as a teen. He completed technical coursework at IRSC, earning OSHA and EPA certifications. He also has specialist training in scaffolding erection and high lift equipment. Already a Licensed Painting Contractor when he joined Precision Finishing and Painting back in 1997, he has worked his way up to managing a team of 20 painters. He says that the key to a good paint job is all in the preparation of surfaces before paint or stain is ever applied. James is proud of his team’s reputation for furniture-quality finishes or woodwork and other wood surfaces. This, he says, is what separates run-of-the-mill painters from experienced pros.

David Croom understood how important a quality paint job is to a finished project, and believed that having his own painting staff was the way to guarantee that quality. I was lucky enough to be hired at the beginning.